Darce M'All MMA/NoGi Shorts

Darce M'All MMA/NoGi Shorts

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 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away everyone was wary of the ways of the Darce choke but the regular people have forgotten.  Thankfully there a select few who still follow the ways of the Darce Side.

Our Darce M'All MMA/NoGi Shorts is for those select few, which is why we will only be selling 100 of them.  This is your opportunity to make sure that people know The Return of the Jiu Jitsu is imminent.

May the Oss be with you.

Featuring our usual high quality manufacturing standards;

- Thicker, longer lasting more breathable materials

- Elasticised gusset for greater range of motion

- Flatlock 5 thread stitching

 - Available in Unisex cuts suitable for men, women and youths, refer to size guide in images if unsure of your size requirements

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